Here’s the schedule for upcoming blog tour. I hope you’ll join me and check out the giveaways!

Sept. 13th- (Excerpt/Giveaway)
Sept. 14th- (Review/Giveaway)
Sept. 15th- (Interview/Giveaway)
Sept. 16th-       
Sept. 17th- (Review)
Sept. 18th- (Excerpt)
Sept. 19th- (Review/Giveaway)
Sept. 20th- (Interview)
Sept. 21st- (Review/Giveaway)
Sept. 22nd- (Interview/Giveaway)
Sept. 23rd- (Excerpt)
Sept. 24th- (Excerpt/Giveaway)
Sept. 25th- (Review/Giveaway)
Sept. 26th- (Excerpt)
Sept. 27th- (GuestPost/Giveaway)
Sept. 28th- (Review/Giveaway)
Sept. 29th- (Excerpt/Giveaway)
Sept. 30th- (Review)
Oct. 1st- (Review/Giveaway)
Oct. 2nd- (Excerpt/Giveaway)
Oct. 3rd- (Review/Giveaway)
Oct. 4th- (Excerpt/Giveaway)
Oct. 5th- (Review/Giveaway)
Oct. 6th- (Review/Giveaway)
Oct. 7th- (Excerpt)
Oct. 8th- (GuestPost)
Oct. 9th- (Excerpt/Giveaway)
Oct. 10th- (Review/Giveaway)
Oct. 11th- (Review/Giveaway)
Oct. 12th- (Interview/Giveaway)
Oct. 13th- (Review/Giveaway)