Downton Pre-Premiere Q&A and Giveaway

In celebration of the Season 3 premiere of Downton Abbey, some friends and I have gotten together and created a special blog blast tour. In addition to this post one of us will be recapping each episode all season long, so stop back on Monday January 7th for my premier post!!!

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Make sure you read through all my answers and get to the giveaway at the end of this post.

With out further ado, here are my Blog Blast questions and answers!!!!

1)You’re planning a dinner party for the Downton crew – who would be No. 1 on your invite list?

I’d have to pick the Dowager Countess Crawley because I have a thing for little old ladies with spunk! I mean she’s uppity and all, but can the lady wear costumes or what? Plus, who else gets to blurt out exactly what she’s thinking except for a little old lady with nothing to lose, and her facial expressions while she’s saying them are spectacular.
2) Whose closet will you raid before the party?

I’ll have to go with Sybil’s! I have a thing for harem pants.

3) Once your guests have arrived, who are you most likely to flirt with?

It’s a toss up between Tom Branson & Matthew Crawley.

4) Who will you likely smack before the dessert course?
Thomas, I’d prefer to smack O’Brien, but she’s so crusty they never let her in the dining room.
5) Let’s adjourn to the drawing room for some not-so-polite conversation: What’s your theory on Patrick Gordon aka The Bandaged Man? Impostor or legitimate Crawley?

Patrick Gordon is an imposter, otherwise he wouldn’t have disappeared. You have to remember, that shortly after WWI is when many mysterious women claimed to be Anastsia. Who some thought escaped The house of Romanoff, while the rest of her family was assassinated. This woman claimed that she was Anastsia throughout her life, when in fact Anastasia’s body was located in 2007 and DNA results proved she’d died the same night the rest of her family was killed.


6) How about Bates? Did he do it? Could he do it? If not, who killed Vera?
Bates did not do it. Bates is capable of doing it and surely she deserved it! I think Vera was taken out by someone associated with  Sir Richard Carlisle and his newspaper, it’s one of the reasons I think Carlisle won’t reveal Mary’s secrets.


7) Favorite quip from the Dowager Countess?

Need I say more???
8) Favorite Downton spoof?
9) Now you’ve done it! You’ve landed a guest spot on the show. What’s your storyline?
My name is Lady Marguerite Bruton and my husband is Lord Robert Bruton the esteemed Egyptologist. The War has finally ended and we are eager to return to Egypt and resume our search for Queen Tiye’s Tomb and we are looking for generous benefactors to fund our expedition! Queen Tiye’s tomb is certainly filled with riches, and my husband is sure that the key to what brought me to Egypt, through time, from the modern world is buried with her. Here’s my story and I’m sticking with it!
As a side note, many of you might not know that the great house used for Downton Abbey is the estate of the Lord of Carnarvon, the man who paid for Howard Carter’s expedition that discovered Tut’s Tomb. The basement houses many of the treasures that Lord Carnarvon received after the discovery!

10) What would you like to see happen in series three?
Whatever new drama unfolds, I’m so looking forward to this event!!!
And here’s the link to watch the first ten minutes of Season 3! Right now!

GIVEAWAY!!! Enter to win a copy of this book!*

To Marry an English Lord by Gail MacColl and Carol McD. Wallace
From the Gilded Age until 1914, more than 100 American heiresses invaded Britannia and swapped dollars for titles–just like Cora Crawley, Countess of Grantham, the first of the Downton Abbey characters Julian Fellowes was inspired to create after reading To Marry An English Lord. Filled with vivid personalities, gossipy anecdotes, grand houses, and a wealth of period details–plus photographs, illustrations, quotes, and the finer points of Victorian and Edwardian etiquette–To Marry An English Lord is social history at its liveliest and most accessible.

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  1. I personally think Mitt Romney lost the election because of his distaste for PBS, really does he not watch Dowton Abbey?! "I will be leaving on a train in the morning…do you promise? Love both these ladies. You can see Mary in about 50 years!

  2. That scene where the Dowager Countess asks Lord Carlisle to promise to never come back was one of my favorites. Also, because I knew for sure that Matthew was willing to fight for Mary!

  3. I just recently saw a documentary on Anastasia and her family and it was so fascinating. It never occured to me that Patrick Gordon might have been influenced by the Anastasia imposter!
    Another hilarious quote from the Dowager! 🙂 Love it!

  4. I did know that about the connection between the actual castle and the Egyptian tomb hunt… but only because I read it yesterday while writing up my own "Downtown Labby" post. Interesting stuff! Love the Anastasia tidbit!

  5. Thanks for stopping by Jackie. Yep, if it has anything to do with turn of the century Egyptian archealogy just hit me up for the answer. If I don't know the answer off the top of my head, I probably have it in a book.
    Lady E

  6. Thanks for stopping by Meredith. O'Brien is sinister, I mean nasty is nasty but what she did in season one with the soap, I'm still angry about that, I hope she gets what's coming to her! If nothing else you and I can high tail it across the pond and take her out! Ha!
    Lady E

  7. My favorite quip is the same, "Do you promise?" With that shadow of a smile on her lips as she leans protectively against Mary. I think I did a little dance in my living room after she said it! I cannot wait for Sunday! I might just scream for excitement, squeee!

  8. Elisha,
    Thanks for stopping by! I hope you'll join us for the #DowntonGala on Twitter on Sunday night and stop back by Monday for my recap and another GIVEAWAY!!!
    Happy Reading & Reviewing,
    Lady E

  9. I love the Dowager Countess. I like when she asks, "what is a weekend?" of Matthew! Favorite show!!!!!!!! Cannot way for Sunday, and that book sounds amazing!

  10. Carol,
    Thanks for stopping by. "Do you promise?" is the best, I use it on my 15YO when she says something outlandish, she watches the show with me so she gets it! I agree, Bates release needs to be now!
    I forgot to tell everyone to leave their email with their comment so we can contact the winner please do that if you get a chance.
    Thanks again. Happy reading & reviewing,
    Lady E

  11. Thanks for stopping by Karen. That was the second quote that came to mind, "What is a weekend?" In four words and a question mark she summed up the differences between the classes!
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    Happy Reading & Reviewing,
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