How much do you know about Ancient Egypt???

1.     The Rosetta Stone played a key role in the deciphering of the hieroglyphic language. There are three languages inscribed on the stone: hieroglyphics, demotic, and:

A)    Greek
B)    Hebrew
C)    Akkadian

2.     Has an original mummy (from the pyramid age) been found in any pyramid?

A)    Yes
B)    No

3) What year was the tome of Tutankhamun discovered?

A)    1918       
B)    1922
C)    1898

4) The chief embalmer wore a mask of what Egyptian diety?

A)    Anubis
B)    Horus
C)    Set

5) Who discovered the Rosetta stone?

A) Jean Champollion
B) Henry Rawlinson
C) Napoleon Bonaparte

6) How many dynasties were there in pharaonic Egypt, from the unification of Egypt ca. 3200 B.C. to the beginning of the Graeco-Roman period in 332 B.C.?

A)    5

B)    31
C)    50

7) In ancient Egyptian religion the sun was worshipped by many names. What was the common name of the sun-god?

A) Re or Ra
B) Set
C) Hathor


8) Who was the pharaoh with the longest rule in the history of Egypt-it lasted 94 years during the 6th dynasty?

A)    Chephren
B)    Horus
C)    Pepy II

9) He was known as Akhenaten as a Pharaoh, but this was not his birth name. What was his name before he changed it?

A)    Aten
B)    Amenhotep IV
C)    Ramses

10) Akhenaten drew attention away from Egypt’s pantheon of gods and directed it towards one particular god; that of the sun. What is the name of the god Akhenaten believed to be the most important?

A)    Aten
B)    Amhen
C)    Hotep

11) In honour of his favoured god, Akhenaten began the construction of a new capital city of Egypt. What is the name of this site now?

A)    Tel-Marna
B)    Amarna
C)    Aton

12) How was Akhenaten’s reign remembered after his death?    

A)    He was considered a heretic and all mention of him was destroyed.
B)    People continued to uphold all his religious views.
C)    Amarna was considered a sacred site.


Answer Key: 1) A   2) B   3)B   4)A   5)A   6)B   7)A   8)C    9)B   10)A   11)B   12)A

12 Correct and you are fit to be a pharaoh.
9-11 Correct you’re fit to be a member of the pharaoh’s household.
5-9 Correct and you serve the pharaoh’s household.
Less than 5 correct and you’re a slave. Get some sunscreen and built me a monument!


One woman. One man. An eternity of love hammered into twenty-one pieces of silver.


Marguerite is a victim of a vicious attack. The resulting brain damage causes amnesia and when she inexplicably appears in a tomb in Thebes, she insists she was coming to meet Robert Bruton. Disorientated, destitute, and alone, she senses that her necklace has led her to this familiar swashbuckler who takes her breath away; however, he claims he does not know her.

Lord Robert Bruton, eminent Egyptologist, and possible spy for the crown, has never discovered anything as captivating as the young woman he recovers unconscious on his dig. He has staked his career on finding the final resting place of Queen Tiye and wonders why Marguerite possesses a piece of jewelry belonging to the Eighteenth Dynasty queen. She could be a tomb robber, an American spy, or a madwoman spouting fantastical stories. 

As the necklace’s curse is revealed, the fire of Marguerite’s and Bruton’s ancient bond burns between them. But when Marguerite disappears, Bruton fears that the wings of Isis have carried away the true treasure he has been seeking his entire life.

For to breathe the breath of Isis is to be reborn.