HALLOWEEN SCREEN–Fall Decorating Do-It-Yourself Fun!

I searched by full blood moon and couldn’t find a Halloween fireplace screen to complete my Halloween mantel. So I decided to construct my own. This is my family room, the focal point of the room is this wall with the fireplace. I constructed the metal fireplace screen from several items I put together from a home decorating store and a few craft supplies. The whole project cost less than $30 and I’m really thrilled with it.
This is a close up of the base I used to construct the fireplace screen against a white wall so you can see it better. These pumpkin tea light stands came from Gordmans. They are freestanding and I thought they’d make excellent bases for the project.


I found these metal spider webs with black spiders on them at Gordmans. I thought since they were lightweight they’d could be bound together with metal wire and make the screen. I removed the rings at the bottom of the webs by using a pair of pliers to bend them off.

I wanted to make the spiders on the webs stand out so I painted them with craft paint and then sprinkled them with glitter in a matching color. Here’s how they turned out.


After the spiders’ paint dried I assembled the three webs using black 16 gauge permanently colored copper wire. (I found this with the jewelry supplies at Michaels) Then I attached the screen to the two bases uses the same jewelry wire, wire cutters, and pliers.

Then I added some additional metal spiders (Joanne Fabrics) to finish the screen. Here’s another shot of the finished product with a nice fire behind it!
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Please leave me a comment on this DIY project. I’ll be checking back for questions. Happy reading, reviewing & crafting to you!

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  1. I love what you did here, I wish you had a video on how to do that web, its totally awesome! looking

    1. Hey Dotty,
      I bought the webs at a decorating/do it yourself store (Gordmans). You could try Michaels or Hobby Lobby to find something similiar. They are metal and easy to work with using wire and metal pliers and metal snippers. Turned out to be a fun project.
      Thanks for stopping by,

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